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60s, 70s & 80s DJ

Lets go Retro. For a great party idea why not check out the charts of yester year. You can choose to theme your party with music from a decade 70's or 80's music or pick a style like Disco Or cheesy pop for instance. A retro music theme always helps to break the ice at parties more quickly and that makes the party more fun.

For a Retro Party the DJ needs to know the music well. Your party will not be a success if the DJ is simply playing the contents of a few compilations albums from his dads cd collection and hoping for the best. Any period of chart history will include some top floor filling classics and it will also include some terrible old tosh that needs never to be heard again. A record may have been a huge hit back in the day but today it will clear the dance floor. The trick is to to know which tunes work and will help build the party atmosphere, and which tunes will fall flatter than a pancake which was run over by a steam roller driven by Anne Widicome.

The Knowledge of which are the best and most appropriate for each occasion can unfortunately only come with time, and making mistakes. Its up to you if you want a inexperienced DJ with his dads record collection, practicing on your special occasion.

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