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DJ Hire Prices

Recently we where asked if we could beat the lowest quote for DJ hire, the answer was no. Although rates for DJ's and prices for Mobile Discos vary considerably its not the case the most expensive is the best or a cheap Mobile Disco is the best bargain.

However if you are in the early stages of planning a party and just want a rough idea of how much everything will cost our charges for a professional DJ with a quality Mobile Disco system range from about

£200 - £500 and upwards.

Please consider several factors influence DJ hire price, and actual charges can be both higher or lower depending on these factors.

These factors include

  • Time of year (Christmas is very popular, January is not so popular) etc.
  • How long is the party ( a 8 hour party is more expensive than a 4 hour party).
  • Logistical difficulties (parking problems, red routes, floor the party is on).
  • How much Mobile Disco Equipment is needed for the event
  • Type of party (a Wedding DJ needs a lot more experience than a pub DJ).
  • Any other special requirements.

The best way to get a great price on a professional Mobile Disco is to call pro Mobile Disco. We do not do a long pushy sales routine and not all of these questions need to be asked, so we can give you a no obligation quote in about two minutes. However this is also your opportunity to ask us as many questions as you like so the conversation might last a lot longer.

Pro Mobile Disco provides a DJ hire service tailored to your individual requirements and as such short conversation is essential to discover what your exact requirements are. Pro mobile disco will not wish to charge for things you do not need or do not want, so we do not respond to emails which simply ask us for a quote via return email. This also helps us cut down on the spam we receive.

Pro mobile disco does not store your information, call you back for the hard sell or pass your details on to any other third party. Call with confidence and get a great disco deal.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote and a great Disco Deal. Please click on Pro Mobile Disco Home page for more information.

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