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Some of the parties we do are theme night parties that include mostly one type of music i.e. a current chart music party for teenagers, or a Retro night party with a 70's disco or a professional 80s music DJ etc. But for a general party, including people of all ages and mixed backgrounds its worth considering, good Party music is not necessarily the same as good music.

Many people might list classical music amongst their all time favorites, however its unlikely classical music will ever fill a disco dance floor. Likewise few people would ever listen to a tune like Y.M.C.A at home, but at many parties its a must play record. This is because in a party situation most people relax into a collective sprit of goodwill and think "its a party, lets have a laugh anyway". To create this feeling the DJ must first find the right balance. If the DJ thinks "lets play all the golden oldies now, and then stick on some club tunes to liven things up later" its likely the evening will be a flop. By playing all the golden oldies first, the people who would prefer this type of music will probably not yet be in the party mood and will still be having a bit of a chat etc. Also at the same time the people who would prefer the club stuff will be thinking "this DJ is rubbish" and they may even loose confidence and go home early. The DJ should be aiming to create a confidence the night will be great and establish a group cohesion that encourages everyone to join in. Once the party has warmed up the dance floor will be pack with people doing party dances. A good Party DJ will be able to mix the music to match both the audience and the occasion. For great Party Music Djs call Pro Mobile Disco.

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